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Terms of Use




These terms of use apply to Read all terms and conditions carefully before proceeding. By accepting these conditions, you agree to enter into a legally binding agreement with Stockholm Radio & TV Service with organization number 721212-0419.

If you do not accept our terms and conditions, consent must not be given, the website and its services will not be able to be used in such a situation.

If the concluded agreement is to be terminated, it can be done in the following way:

Email us and ask to be removed from our system for any email campaigns or the like.

The conditions stated below are subject to change. Before any changes take effect, users are notified as follows:

Changes to terms of use will be notified by email.


The purpose of the website is e-commerce as follows:

Sales of electronic products and e-services.


The website is owned and managed by Stockholm Radio & TV Service as a legal entity based in Stockholm.


a) It is unacceptable to behave in an offensive, threatening, discriminatory, pornographic or otherwise indecent manner on the website.

b) Additional obligations of users:



Users' purchases on the Website are handled and paid for as set forth below.

Klarna, Paypal and Stripe are responsible for all payment processing and debiting takes place as follows:

Payments are made by Card, Paypal or Klarna, which have different payment methods.


a) The website undertakes to comply with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) whose purpose, among other things, is to protect the individual's fundamental rights and freedoms.

b) Personal data that will/may be processed

By accepting these terms of use, the user consents to the processing of personal data as follows:

Name, address, phone number and email address

Sensitive personal data is not allowed to be collected and processed.

c) How the personal data will be processed

The personal data will be processed for the following purposes:

Personal data will be used for cost estimates and for communication (sms & e-mail). Even so, personal data will be used for delivery of purchased goods. Personal data may possibly be used for future e-mail & sms campaigns and market research from us.

d) Third person

The users' personal data will not be disclosed to third parties, unless it is required due to mandatory regulations, court orders or to be able to complete consumer purchases.

e) Period that the personal data will be saved

The personal data may only be saved as long as necessary for the purpose.

f) Encryption

The website has an SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) which ensures that users' personal data is transmitted in a safe and confidential manner by encrypting the information.

g) Users' rights

Right to register extracts

After giving consent, users have the right to receive a register extract with confirmation of whether the personal data is being processed. If personal data is processed, users have the right to access it.

Register extracts are requested by us at Stockholm Radio & TV Service.

The register extract is given out in written form, either digitally or by post.

Right to information and right to correction

After giving consent, users have the right to contact Stockholm Radio & TV Service to find out what personal data is stored and to have incorrect data changed. If any information is missing, users also have the right to complete it.

Right to limitation of treatment

In some cases, a person whose personal data is concerned may demand that the processing of these be restricted. This is the case, e.g. when the person in question has already requested correction due to incorrect information. During this time, the processing of the incorrect data can also be limited.

Data portability

In some cases, a person who has disclosed their personal data has a right to have it transferred to another, for example a media service. The person who first received the personal data must then facilitate such a transfer.

Right to object

In some cases, a person has the right to object to how their personal data is processed. This applies when the personal data is processed to perform a task of public interest, as part of the exercise of authority or after a balancing of interests.

Right to erasure

Users have a right to have their personal data deleted if desired. There are exceptions when this right is restricted, but in the following cases the data must be deleted:

- If the data is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected,
- If consent is revoked,
- If the personal data is used for direct marketing and the user objects to it,
- If there are no justified reasons that outweigh the individual's interest in deleting the information,
- If the personal data has been processed illegally,
- If deletion is required to fulfill a legal obligation,

If a user wishes to have their personal data deleted, they must contact us either by phone or e-mail.


The website uses cookies. This means that information may be stored in users' browsers when they visit the website. The purpose of this is for the website to recognize a user's computer, keep statistics and in turn improve the user experience.

A cookie is a small text file that makes it possible to identify a user's means of communication without storing personal data. There are two different types of cookies, time-limited and session cookies. Time-limited cookies are saved for a longer period of time and can e.g. be used to show the user such content that was previously missed. Session cookies are deleted when the website/browser is closed. This type of cookie can store information such as the selected language and means that users do not have to choose this again every time they click on the website.

Cookies are used on the website for the following purpose/s:

Any logins, conversations with us per different chat. Send the right information to the right user. Language setting.

The user must actively accept to receive cookies. If no acceptance is left, the user may encounter problems at A person who wishes to avoid cookies or wants to be warned before they are stored can change this himself in the settings of his device.


A user who violates what appears in these terms of use will be dealt with as follows:

May be suspended for a shorter time


Stockholm Radio & TV Service, which owns the website,, disclaims the following legal responsibility:

To the extent that they do not contravene the law, Stockholm radio & Tv service shall not be held responsible for loss of data and punitive damages relating to material on the website.


The website,, is operated from Sweden and the terms of use are governed by Swedish law.


For questions relating to the website and its content, we can be reached via e-mail

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